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Magasin de vente de thé et épicerie fine

FBKT is a family-run business and one of the few tea & herbal teas manufacturing workshops in France. Our offices and production workshop are located in the Loire region.

Our brand employs 6 people full-time to manage all of our activities in-house: purchase of raw materials and plants, writing recipes, production, commercial department, after sales service, communication, quality, etc. This is a joint venture - we make decisions together, in our offices.

We have a machine that enables us to produce our own pyramid PLA tea sachets (corn starch, biodegradable, suitable for compost).

All our products are assembled by hand by the team, including the tea boxes in our bistro range (assembly in the workshop, assembly and filling of boxes by hand) or our Advent calendars.

We have also chosen to operate within a close network and be highly selective when it comes to all of our commercial partners (suppliers, client retailers, etc.). This allows us to continue our traditional approach and maintain the quality of our products and services.


Magasin de vente de thé et épicerie fine

The 300 teas and herbal teas in our product portfolio (including 70 products that have been certified organic by Ecocert) are produced from ingredients rigorously selected for their taste and properties.

  • Natural ingredients, keeping processing to a minimum: generous pieces of dried fruit, coloured flower petals, gourmet candied fruits and warm spices.
  • Only natural flavours. No synthetic flavours are used in any of our recipes.
  • We choose organic, local products as much as possible.
  • A rigorous quality control procedure is implemented when selecting raw materials, carrying out manufacturing processes and choosing new blends. Our products are tasted and analysed in the laboratory.
  • Teas from around the world selected on site by our tea sommelier, in the most remote places of China, India, Japan...


Magasin de vente de thé et épicerie fine

Our team of epicureans is guided by sensory pleasures, delicious flavours and our quest to strike the right balance to complement the finest gourmet dishes.

Our tea and herbal teas recipes are written with creative flair and prepared using traditional methods in our workshop.

To create a new recipe or select an original tea, we all meet with our different personalities around the table to taste, reflect and discuss…

The blends are created for their visual appeal, balance of flavours and tastes, and the colour of the liqueur so that your drink strikes a harmonious chord which each of your senses.

We will repeat dozens of tests to find the perfect match and offer you the perfect handmade tea !


Magasin de vente de thé et épicerie fine

Since 2018, over 70 of our teas and herbal teas have been certified and we are fully committed to developing this range to its full potential in the coming months.

Our organic teas and herbal teas are certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01 and therefore comply with regulation 84/2007 governing the production and processing of organically grown products, guaranteeing that the raw materials used in our recipes (teas, plants, fruits and spices, etc.) are grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

The option to work organically is part of a global eco-responsible approach to limit waste and the impact of our commercial activity on the environment.

  • FBKT occupies low-energy premises with wood pellet heating
  • We reuse all the cardboard boxes
  • We use environmentally friendly household products to clean our premises.
  • We have banned disposable dishes (no stirrers, no cups, etc.) for our tasting sessions and day-to-day operations.
  • All plant and tea waste is used for compost.
  • We only drink loose tea and coffee (the coffee is roasted locally in the Loire region)
  • The pyramids used in our bistro range are made from PLA and are 100% biodegradable and suitable for compost.
  • We encourage our clients to return their boxes and sachets for refilling. We offer a 20 cent discount for this.
FBKT 42155 Pouilly les Nonains - Phone : +33 428 720 090

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